BTGuard is a service that was originally made to only anonymize torrent traffic, and it works reasonably good for that purpose. Pricing and speed is acceptable, although there are cheaper and faster services. If you don’t need a VPN to encrypt all your traffic, it might be a good choice. However when comparing it to other privacy services, the shortcomings become very apparent. For starters

We tried BTGuard with our favored P2P client and had no trouble establishing connections. We also used the BTGuard torrent proxy service to shield our IP address, and couldn’t find any signs of leakage. BTGuard and uTorrent have partnered to offer a 2-in-1 client which mixes its protection and uTorrent’s client. We found that the speeds BTGuard was one of the original zero-log VPN providers that marketed their services specifically to the needs of Bittorrent users. And we love them for that.. But the VPN industry has evolved and BTGuard’s services remain largely unchanged. Télécharger BitTorrent : obtenez l'accès à une multitude de contenus depuis une plateforme unique : le client P2P de référence sous Windows ! bit torrent guard free download - Bit Che, uTorrent - Torrent Downloader, BitTorrent- Torrent Downloads, and many more programs

BTGuard est venu avec de grands espoirs mais n'a pas’t bougé avec le temps. Le BT dans BTGuard est révélateur de BitTorrent, donc dès le départ, nous savons ce que nous’re traitant ici. Il’s l'un des premiers VPN créés en 2008 spécifiquement pour le torrent. À l'origine, il est devenu un VPN de superstar grâce …

HideMyAss and BTGuard are the two most popular VPN services in the world for secure BitTorrent use. Though they are used to achieve the same goal (safe, anonymous torrent downloading) they each take a different approach and have their individual strengths and weaknesses. is one of the top VPN services if you are using it for downloading torrent files as they have received an endorsement from TorrentFreak. If you are concerned about privacy, then you should definitely go to as they don’t have to deal with data retention laws in the US and Canada. They don’t keep logs and you can continue to browse the internet without the fear of

9 Jun 2020 HideMyAss and BTGuard are the two most popular VPN services in the anonymous torrent downloading) they each take a different approach 

Hey all, Using utorrent and bt guard i received a notice from tpg. their IP and the copyrighted content they were downloading using torrents. 5 Mar 2020 I am running a VPN - BtGuard. I also connected directly to internet usin an ethernet cable. Where else do I look? Marge. 0. 7 Dec 2011 BTGuard acts like a proxy and simply anonymizes your traffic when For now though, we can still convert normal torrents using Anomos and  1 Jun 2012 There are many services aimed at torrent users, but TorrentPrivacy and BTGuard's proxy service are popular choices due to the encryption